The Enneagram has become a popular personality framework in the past few years. Because of this, it tends to get either misused or dismissed as a spiritual fad.

So how do we use the Enneagram in a Christian way? How can we receive its wisdom and use it for spiritual formation without falling into the ditches of treating it as the second coming of Jesus or a foolish distraction from the gospel?

Register for this free webinar recording to discover some practical "dos and don'ts" for using the Enneagram as a Christian.

  • What the Enneagram is and isn't

    It's not the gospel, but it's not a distraction from the gospel either.

  • How NOT to use the Enneagram

    Discover some important "health warnings" for using the Enneagram.

  • How TO use the Enneagram wisely

    Learn how to use the Enneagram "christianly" for spiritual formation.

Register for this FREE webinar recording

Register for this FREE webinar recording

Register for this webinar recording

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